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Mobile Vehicle Weight System Designed in Los Angeles County

Tire-SafeGuard offers yet another innovation directly from Los Angeles County that will help make your life on the road that much easier—our vehicle weight system. Much like our tire pressure monitoring solutions and our automatic tire inflation systems, the vehicle weight system from Tire-SafeGuard provides important information about your commercial vehicle.

Our weight system is installed directly onto your truck—no matter the size or type—and connects directly to your phone. When you need to know the weight of your vehicle to ensure you are within safety guidelines on freeways and roads, or to ensure that your weight has not changed from loading to receiving, you can simply check the app on your phone. The system will use the air suspension on your vehicle to calculate the weight, giving you near-instant results. It's that simple.

Tire-SafeGuard's Reliable Commercial Vehicle Weight System

The commercial vehicle weight system from Tire-SafeGuard is both reliable and accurate—things we know that you as a client value greatly. When you use our system to weigh your vehicle, you can help ensure the safety of both yourself and others on the roads, as well as maintain optimal speed and fuel efficiency. Tire-SafeGuard has been designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, automobiles, and more for more than 30 years. That's how we know that our commercial vehicle weight system will work for you—it's been tried and tested by experienced engineers and drivers alike since 1989.

If you are interested in one of Tire-SafeGuard's systems for your vehicle or fleet, contact us today. As the sole designers, manufacturers, and retailers of our systems, we are also more than happy to provide a customized solution for your needs. Get in touch and learn more about what makes us an award-winning leader in commercial vehicle tools and solutions.


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