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Los Angeles County's Real-Time Tire Inflation System

Tire-SafeGuard—headquartered in Los Angeles County, but serving nationwide—has been keeping truck, RV, and automobile drivers safe on the roads for over 30 years with innovations such as our tire inflation system. Combined with our award-winning tire pressure monitoring solutions, Tire-SafeGuard's tire inflation systems can keep all your tires on your tractor trailer inflated to optimal pressure.

As a driver or fleet-owner, you know that maintaining different pressures on different roads and temperatures can help to ensure fuel savings and optimized gas mileage. It can also help prevent accidents caused by blowouts and reduce the time spent at stops checking tire pressures. Overall, Tire-SafeGuard's inflation systems are simply a smart investment. Plus, since Tire-SafeGuard exclusively designs and manufactures the systems, customization is simple. We can provide the best solution possible for your specific tractor trailer in no time.

How Our Automatic Tire Inflation Tire Inflation System Makes a Difference on the Road

Tire-SafeGuard's automatic tire inflation system allows you to monitor individual tire pressure and temperature in real time. These measurements, as well as automatic inflation or deflation depending on their readings, can be both time-saving and life-saving on the road. When the system detects an abnormal tire situation, such as low pressure or dangerous heat, you will receive rapid alerts so you can deal with the problem as soon as possible.

Tire-SafeGuard's automatic tire inflation are exclusively designed for commercial semi-trailer trucks, so you can be sure that our engineers had the common problems you face as a driver in mind. With these systems installed, it becomes a lot easier to avoid the headache—and danger—of a flat tire when least expected, and to help keep fuel costs down. Tire-SafeGuard has been creating solutions since 1989, so you can trust that our systems will extend the life of your vehicle and give you peace of mind. Give us a call today to learn more about options for your vehicle, or to talk to a sales representative.



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6 Tire Cap Sensor System

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