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Our Top 5 Best Sellers

6 Tire flow through Sensor
6 Tire flow through Sensor $279.00Shop Now
6 Tire Gap Sensor RV
6 Tire Cap Sensor System $279.00Shop Now
10 Tire RV flow-through &  Cap Sensoren
10 Tire RV flow-through & Cap Sensor $459.00Shop Now
10 Tire Truck Gap Sensor
10 Tire Truck Cap Sensor System $459.00Shop Now
8 Tire truck-trailer Gap Sensor
8 Tire truck-trailer Cap Sensor System $379.00Shop Now

The TPMS Solution for All Vehicles


Do you need an advanced, streamlined tire pressure monitoring system? If so, come to Tire SafeGuard in Los Angeles County and purchase one of our vehicle TPMS products. We sell the most advanced tire pressure tools for both recreational and commercial vehicles.

Tire SafeGuard’s TPMS include an easy-to-read display and your choice of rim-mounted, internal valve-mounted, or external valve-stem mounted sensors. The sensors produce a signal strong enough to update the display in real time without signal-boosting peripherals. If the pressure drops too low, the display visually and audibly alerts you. This timely warning lets you take corrective actions as early as possible. Your vehicle avoids tire failure by air loss, uneven tire wear, and severe tire damage. Instead, it gains superior fuel economy, advanced handling, and better braking.

Tire SafeGuard also provides automatic tire inflation systems for tractor trailers. Don’t stop your trip to pump a trailer tire. The inflation system prevents these delays.

Our Products

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire pressure monitoring systems give your commercial or recreational vehicle better fuel economy and longer-lived tires. See how a TPMS keeps you on the road.

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Tire inflation/Deflation System $1999.00

Tire Inflation System $1999.00

Don’t let a flat tractor trailer tire delay your journey. Buy a top-quality automatic tire inflation system. Visit Tire SafeGuard today and view our selection.

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Iweigh System

Vehicle Iweigh System $149.00

A vehicle weight system optimizes a truck’s safety on weight-limited roads and in adverse weather conditions. See us today for weight monitoring solutions.


Individual Sensors and Parts

Whenever you need to replace any TPMS sensors or replace common parts (o-ring, battires, cracked battery covers,etc) review the parts Tire SafeGuard sells. Shop our store today to keep your monitoring systems in top shape.

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On-the-Go Vehicle Weight Management

The vehicle TPMS solutions sold by Tire SafeGuard include vehicle weight systems that are as accurate as our tire pressure sensors. Travel with a sound mind by having the most advanced weight measurements throughout your travels.

Proper vehicle weight differentiates a safe trip from a challenging journey. A heavy truck will not be able to take certain roads or navigate specific weather conditions, adding time and risk to your planned route. As a result, proactively seeing the weight increase after loading cargo helps truck drivers guarantee safe travel. Tire SafeGuard sells the most accurate on-board weight monitoring systems to best serve that purpose.

Tire SafeGuard is the destination for the most advanced tire pressure, automatic inflation, and weight monitoring systems in the market. Make sure your commercial and recreational vehicles operate with the best gear available. Call or visit us now to acquire a top-quality TPMS.

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