Tire-SafeGuard is simply the best system for 
monitoring all tires: standard, low profile, run flat...
  • In-Vehicle digital Receive-Display module shows current tire pressure and temperature readings
  • Monitors tire pressure up to 199 psi in real-time with accuracy of +/- 1.5 psi
  • Monitors tires 24/7 even when the vehicle is in parking
  • Detects rapid pressure changes, slow leaks, and high temperature in tires
  • Alerts user immediately of abnormal tire situation with location indication, pressure and temperature readings display, and audible warnings
    Portable Monitor
This portable monitor is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be mounted on the dashboard with a stand or clipped on the sun-visor. The display can support up to 20 tires on two vehicles, and is an excellent choice for monitoring a motorhome towing a car using the external sensors.
Two-Piece Monitor - Display Module
The low profile LCD Display module can easily be mounted on a convenient viewing location inside the cab. Iconic display shows tire statuses. The low and high pressure warning thresholds are user adjustable, as well as the high temperature warning threshold. The Display also features easy tire rotation programming by the user.
    Two-Piece Monitor - Receiver Module
Small, lightweight, and sturdy, the Receiver can be installed anywhere within the vehicle and be hidden away from view. Or it can be put together with the Display to form a combined unit. For power supply, it can be connected to the vehicle auxiliary power outlet with an adapter, or be directly hardwired to the power source. The Receiver supplies power to the Display via a thin cable.
 Sensor-Transmitter (one unit per wheel)
The Sensor-Transmitter automatically monitors a vehicle tire and reports pressure and temperature readings to the Receiver. With a battery life of over 5 years, the sensor-Transmitter will work reliably for a long time. 

Internal Rim Mounted Internal Valve Mounted

External Cap Mounted

External Flow-Through
Tire-SafeGuard Brochure:   Internal Rim Mounted    Internal Valve Mounted   External Valve Stem Mounted


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