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Reviews For TPMS with Flow-Through Sensors
By Jerry Lee Surratt on July 22, 2015
 Great add on.....dealers should automatically add these to every RV that they sell........helps keep you in tune to what your tires are doing.
By Lisa F. on July 16, 2015 - It's awesome! Works perfectly
By S. Smith on May 27, 2015 - Great product. We need more sensors for the truck ...
Great product. We need more sensors for the truck tires and want to add them to this system. Still trying to figure it all out. As for the 6 sensors it comes with - GREAT!
  By Bruski on April 19, 2015 - All RVs should have this system
I recently bought a 31 ft Class C motor home. I was getting it set up for a trip, when I noticed the outside rear tire had gone completely flat. If I hadn't noticed, it could have created a serious issue. After doing my research, I decided to purchase this TPM system. Installation was easy, and it quickly and fairly accurately reports my 6 tire pressures. I like the fact that I can easily add air through the sensors without having to remove them, and each sensor has a replaceable battery. For safety and piece of mind, this is well worth the price.

UPDATE - During a week long trip, we heard a POP and the TPM monitor started to alarm. The driver's side rear inside tire was rapidly losing air. I pulled over and changed it and found that what I thought was a clamp in style metal valve stem was actually a metal stem in a rubber mount. The force of the sensor caused the rubber to fail and blow out. I discovered that both rear inside tires had these valves, and I am changing them to all metal ones, Make sure you only use all metal clamp in style valves - rubber parts won't be able to take the strain.

By Waterdr144 on January 11, 2015
Had I bought this years ago I would have saved $375 on one tire and numerous troublesome low pressure issues. However, be prepared for the monitor to mess with your mind. Watching the temps and pressures rise and fluctuate can drive you crazy. Don't keep looking at it. I would give it a 5 but it can take up to1/2 hour for monitor to show all sensors after being shut off.
  By Joseph R. on January 5, 2015 - Easy to install, works great !
  By Michael Reyes on December 22, 2014 - Great accessory for my RV. No more guessing about tire pressures! Love it!
  By George M. Fox on November 16, 2014 - Installs easily and works fantastic!
  By James Ouzts on August 23, 2014
Works as advertised. Only problem I had to overcome was getting the sensors mounted to the valve stems because of the size and shape of the sensor, plus the close proximity of the valve stems to the wheel hub. After trying different lengths of valve stem extenders I managed to get them installed and working.
  By Kathleen Az on July 11, 2014
Seem to be working fine. Not bad to install. Had no idea tires got so hot. Would recommend these to other motor home owners, we have a 1999 Bounder with tag axle, no sensors on tag tires.
  By Joe Bailey on June 28, 2014 - Works great!
Assuming all the tires are set to the same pressure, make certain the tires are at the correct cold pressure, screw the Sensors on the valve stem of the appropriate tire, and push the automatic setup button on the Monitor and you are in business. A manual tire by tire setup is available for more complex situations but it is very straight forward as well. You can even use the monitor as an inflation gauge. The individual pressure readings may vary a few pounds either way, but they well within the tolerance of all but the most sensitive (expensive) manual gauges. The Monitor is clear and easily read and the system works very well detecting over pressure, under pressure, slow leaks, and over heat conditions. Although the sensors are very lightweight and should not effect wheel balance, I recommend using metal valve stems to prevent them flopping around.
  By Ronald W Britton on June 25, 2014 - Good system!
Very easy to install and really enjoy being able to watch pressures and temperatures while I drive. The pressures agree with my tire gauge.
  By Patrick W. Corkill on June 2, 2014 - Very easy to use
A friend of mine bought another brand and we found that my TPMS was much easier to set up than his.
  By Richard Meyer on April 22, 2014 - Great product!
Simple to install great...continuous monitoring...great seller... arrived on time. Installed on a class A motorhome.. peace of mind ..a blown tire can cause a LOT of problems and damage.
  By Boyd Cable on March 29, 2014
I needed to monitor the tire pressure and temps in our new Holiday Rambler Presidential Suite fifth wheel RV. I was told this was the best.
By pc on March 15, 2014 - Much better than TST
This product is much better than the TST system so far. First, there was no programming of individual tires (not sure what happens if one of them breaks). Second, the valve system design activated all of my tires without hassle where as the TST system did not activate all of my tires. Third, the battery cap is 100 times more substantial than TST. Time will tell if the bodies hold up better.
  By R. Smalley on December 8, 2013 - A good buy
Best in the business,At a good price and best for my rv and I have a set for my pickup.
  By Robert K. Buse on November 14, 2013 - Excellent Unit
Great tire monitor for the RV. Has worked fine and tells you when a tire is low with an alarm. The pass through air is a great feature.
  By Larry E. Slate on September 21, 2013 - Peace Of mind
As a new owner of a 24ft class C motorhome, I followed several message boards trying to find out as much information as I could. Several people recommended TPMS (I wish they were standard/required like in cars). I did some online research and decided on the HCI Flow Through System. Just following the online videos and instruction book, they were easy to install. In my case, the flow through sensors had enough clearance on the rear dualllies but the clearance on the front wheel simulator would only allow the cap type sensor. I contacted the supplier and they quickly exchanged the two flow through for cap type sensors. It was easy to program.. On a previous RV, I had an inside right rear tire blowout after exiting some curvy mountain roads. I am glad that it happened after the mountain but it Is not something I want to experience again. Hopefully the TPMS will give me plenty of advance warning on any air losses.
  By John J Doss on September 4, 2013 - Save money and headaches.
Great value, much cheaper than replacing one tire. Easy to install and operate! I wish that i had purchased this unit sooner.
  By hal on May 22, 2013 - Gives peace of mind
I did a lot of research before buying this item. I pull a 30ft trailer with 2 axels behind a full size pickup. On my last trip I had a flat on the trailer. Before I was aware there was problem I destroyed 2 tires and a wheel, as well as doing body damage to the trailer. I wanted a unit that didn't need a signal booster for the trailer tire sensors. I could not get the first unit to work. I worked with tech. support (they were great and easy to work with) and they ended up sending a new unit. The second unit worked great. I just finished a 1500 mile trip with the truck and trailer. The system was great. I was able to monitor temp and pressure on all 4 trailer tires and the 2 back tires on the truck instead of worrying about them. I never lost signal to any of the tires. Nice not worrying about trailer tires. If you pull a trailer and cant see the tires in you mirrors while on the road get this unit, you will be glad you did. The only complaint I have is the directions that come with the unit are a little weak. But like I said there tech. support is great and they got all set up.
  By Frederick A. Olney on December 30, 2012 -Don't leave home without it!
I installed these on my 45 foot tag axle motorhome. With 8 tires to keep track of the sensors are a time saver but the most important is the safety they provide. I have had an inside dual tire go flat on a prior RV and would have lost the entire RV without sensors. These sensors have never leaked like other brands, are easier to install, but I love the feature that allows me to add air without removing them. I am able too read all wheels without additional equipment. Only draw back is I haven't figured out how to use the anti-theft device. Use this system!
By Robert M. Wilson "RV Tech" on April 29, 2012 - The only TPMS I've seen work properly
I am a 32 year technician and RVDA Master Certified. I've seen a variety of TPMS's and this is the only one I've seen/sold that actually works. The wireless range is excellent. I've had this system show the tire pressure on a tow dinghy vehicle that was over 1/4 mile away from the base in the RV. I recommend the flow through sensors because they allow the tires to be inflated without removing the sensors. These also allow using the actual Tire Safeguard monitor wirelessly as a pressure gauge while inflating. There may be additional tire valve extenders needed in order to get the sensors where they need to be. The flow through sensors are rather large and must be installed where there is enough space. I recommend either a solid valve extender or high quality hoses with good mounting brackets. Most gas coaches need a 4" solid inside rear wheel extension and a 45 solid outside rear wheel extender. Most diesel coaches work as is. The 1 star deduction is because I feel the base unit (monitor) set up is not intuitive. The tires sensors must be acclimated to the base and the directions are weak. Please note, the sensors are slow to read and send the pressure to the monitor when inflating. You must allow enough time for the sensor to get the actual tire pressure, not the inflating pressure.

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