Wireless Technologies

Since 1989, HCI Corporation, based near Los Angeles, California, USA, has been designing and developing state-of-the-art microelectronic systems, and supplying Wireless Pagers, Mobile Phones and GPS Tracking Systems to a client list that includes national and international OEM firms. Our key specialties are embedded wireless systems using paging and cellular networks, combining GPS technology with vehicle data collection systems to track the vehicle location and to retrieve the vehicle data in low power and low cost systems applications. From its inception, HCI has positioned itself as one of the leaders in designing, developing, and supplying customized microelectronic products. 
Telecommunication Technologies

In the telecommunication field, HCI has developed many state-of-the-art products. One of them, the "TeleWiz", is available on the internet at SmartHome.com (search for TeleWiz). Hook up the TeleWiz to your home or office phone line, and it will automatically notify you by pager when someone calls and leaves a message on your answering machine or voice mail. If you donít have a paging service, TeleWiz can notify you by calling a telephone number at an alternate location where you can be reached. TeleWiz will send the call duration and ID of the TeleWiz unit to your pager so you can determine how long the message is and which answering machine picked it up (useful if you installed TeleWiz on more than on telephone number). TeleWiz can be set up to capture a caller-entered phone number and forward it to your pager, too.
Vehicle Parking & Backup Safety Technologies

A state-of-the-art product, "Parking & Backup SafeGuard", is one subsystem of our Wireless Vehicle Monitoring System products. This small but high-tech device can be easily attached onto your rear license plate. Activated when your car is put in reverse gear, it begins to detect the rear object by Ultrasonic Rader technology, and transmit the data by wireless to the in-vehicle monitor system. The monitor can calculate and display the detected object range. When an object is about 4 feet behind your car, the monitor starts to make a constant beeping sound. When the car moves closer to the object, the beeping speeds up and the sound pitch goes higher to warn you. Vehicle Parking & Backup SafeGuard makes parallel parking and city parking much less stressful, and also helps you avoid backing up into unseen objects in a driveway or parking lot. The product fits onto a standard license plate and can be installed by a non-professional.
Tire Pressure Monitoring Technologies

Since the mid-1990's, HCI starts to develop wireless vehicle monitoring technologies for the automotive industry. We have developed several types of wireless tire pressure monitor systems (TPMS) with our proprietary  technologies. Two models, the TPM-S104 and TPM-S106, feature miniature tire valve stem mounted pressure sensors coupled with an in-vehicle user interface unit that continuously monitor and display the tire pressures and, upon detection of low pressure, issue warnings to the driver. Our products provide a low-cost but highly accurate and reliable tire pressure monitoring system for the OEM and after-market applications.

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