Tire-SafeGuard is the most technically advanced tire pressure monitoring system available. It automatically monitors the tires of a moving vehicle and displays the pressure readings. Tire-SafeGuard immediately alerts the driver of abnormal tire pressure by both visual and audible means, thereby providing timely warning to user for taking corrective actions. In addition, users can easily maintain their tires in an optimal operating condition. The benefits are obvious: reducing air loss related tire failures, reducing uneven tire wear, reducing severe tire damage, increasing tire life, improving fuel economy, and improving vehicle braking and handling. Consequently, Tire-SafeGuard helps user in driving with a safer vehicle on the road and with less worry of flat tires and blowouts.  

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  Ph: 818-400-9976

We design and develop all our systems by our in-house engineers in the U.S.A and manufacture all products in our own factories - we know TPMS inside and out!

Tire-Safeguard systems have the best signal transmission and reception capabilities on the market and therefore do not need a signal booster for most RV/truck towing a car or trailer installations.

   Ph: 1.818.400.9976
  Mailto: info@tiresafeguard.com

  Tire-SafeGuard supports a full range of motor vehicles, from passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, trailers, recreation vehicles, commercial carriers, mining vehicles, to road trains.

Tire-SafeGuard features a complete line of tire monitoring technologies: 

 Internal rim-mounted, internal valve-mounted, and external valve-stem-mounted cap and flow-through sensors.

Sales and Technical Support Hotline: 1.818.400.9976


Discount Price: 2-tire Motorcycle TPMS $169!

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Links to Some of Our User Experiences

Libertatemamo: I talked to all the major suppliers and Tire Safeguard was the only one who could guarantee that we would not need a repeater for our MH+toad.

Dr4Film: I highly recommend the Tire SafeGuard TPMS.

WingAdmin: So how does Tire-Safeguard Motorcycle TPMS work? Amazingly well! I was blown away by what my tires are doing at highway speed.

Hallct: Tire-SafeGuard Motorcycle TPMS Video - I was pulling my trailer and it was reading all 4 tires.

ArkieBiker: Tire-SafeGuard Motorcycle TPMS worked VERY well. It really gives you peace of mind if you run over something or hit a BIG A$$ pothole and can see what your pressures are when that happens.

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